Creating of «Painting certificate»

During carrying out of researches we have collected rich base of materials: materials from museum funds, histories and memoirs of old residents and also the extant original samples.

In order to revive traditional Volkhov painting we have studied all materials and have created the «Painting certificate». It contains the description of art-and-aesthetic features of painting, techniques, description of colors and tints, elements, compositions and also the sizes of products and a proportion of elements. Such passport is necessary in order to keep ethnographic accuracy of each element.

Composition on an old wooden item is being get rendere by a pencil on a "cross-section paper" with preservation of scale of elements. After that on the basis of drawing the coloring is being created on a paper with exact transfer of colors.

The same actions are being carried out for each element of the composition.

The ready composition must be conformed by the expert regarding ethnographic accuracy. And only after that it is possible to paint a wooden item. 

The creating process of the «certificate» is not at all easy, but very attractive. The created by artists and approved by the expert drawings and colorings become a basis for training of new craftsmen. Such standards provide creation of products in original traditions of Volkhov brush painting.