«Leningrad Region. Lighthouses of success»

Lighthouses of Leningrad Region are some of the most interesting and mysterious monuments of the region. Each of them is unique in architectural design and keeps its own history.

Within the framework of the project «Leningrad Region. Lighthouses of success» the craftsmen of Volkhov Painting, LLC manually made detailed models of the most known lighthouses of region.

As a result 13 models have been made. Each of them is located on a for the project specially designed map of Leningrad Region according to geographical location of a lighthouse.

The purpose of the project is to attract attention to the touristic potential of the Leningrad Region and traditions of brush painting on wood.

The project is realized with the support of the Information-tourist center of Leningrad Region. We invite you to learn more about lighthouses of region and to get acquainted with tours on touristic portal www.lentravel.ru

Big Tyuters Lighthouse

Vuokhensalo Lighthouse

Vyborgsky Lighthouse

Osinovezky Lighthouse

North Gogland Lighthouse

Stirsudden Lighthouse

South Gogland Lighthouse