Our technologies: technics and material

The Volkhov painting has appeared in villages on the Volkhov-river bank. Craftsmen who worked in this area, have created unique ornamental motives, compositions and a list color score of painting.

They painted mainly by tempera paints. These are one of the first paints in history which were used in paintings and icon painting. They do not turn yellow and resistant to aging.

The painting was carried out by special way: they took two or three colors on a brush at once. Thus, a beautiful gradient dab with thin transitions from one color to another appeared.

By reviving traditional Volkhov painting, we give attention to details and we are guided by desire to keep the painting in its original form. We also use tempera paints to receive natural difficult color scale and to transfer color character of authentic products in accuracy.

Our products have passed Arts-and-Expert board and have received the status of products of folk artistic crafts. It means that we could restore the traditional Volkhov painting. Such compositions were on traditional products in XIX-XX centuries. We are proud of it and we wish to share history of Leningrad region with you which is in each product of Volkhov Painting, LLC.