Large spinning wheel with painting

15 360р.

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Product, wooden spindle, tow, wool, brief historical information.

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Big spinning wheel with compositions “Volkhov rosan No.1”, “Volkhov rosan – shining”

Product of folk art crafts in original cultural traditions of Russia. A full-size Russian spinning wheel with the traditional Volkhov painting common in 19-20th centuries in area of modern Leningrad region. The composition on the spinning wheel is full of bright vegetative elements – leaves and petals. The central element is the famous Volkhov rosan. The complete set includes a spinning wheel, spindle, wool and tow, by means of which everyone himself can test in traditional craft – spinning.

Spinning wheel was a costly present on wedding: according to tradition the groom should make and paint a spinning wheel by his own hand. “Personalized” products with the name of the future proprietress and the name of person who gifted the spinning wheel around a rosan were especially appreciated.

Hand-made by masters at all stages of producing of item, at the location of craft in the city of Volkhov, Leningrad region.