Big tumbler toy with music mechanism

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Product, kraft box with pattern on basis of painting elements, paper filler, brief historical information.

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Author’s big tumbler toy with music mechanism and with painting on «Volkhov rosan No.4» composition

Tumbler toy in original Russian traditions with the unique Volkhov painting common in 19-20th centuries in territory of modern Leningrad region. Each detail from elements of a suit to face features is executed in compliance with ethnographic accuracy. The vegetative ornament and the famous Volkhov rosan used in a suit make tumbler toy even more graceful. The product has a musical mechanism. When swinging the toy the melodious sound reminding a ring of a hand bell is heard. The Volkhov tumbler toy is a gift that will transfer all warmth, sincerity of your relation to the presentee and let to get acquainted with cultural features of region.

«Volkhov tumbler toy» is the unique product developed in cooperation with the Ethnographic museum and does not have any analogues in Russia. The traditional elements of ornament of the “Volkhov” painting are used in a figure and the tumbler toy “is dressed” In a traditional suit of the Ladoga area in turn of XIX – XXth centuries in compliance with all features of peasant clothes of that time.